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Message from the President

Working to Create & Expand a Fair Auction Market:
An Imperative Part of Distribution Infrastructure in 21st Century Japan

Although the history of auction markets dates back 300 years in the West, this figure is a mere 18 years for Japan, and as such, is one market area predicted to grow in the 21st Century. Clearly, the creation of a social platform centered on the liquidation of high-quality items, especially artworks, has just begun.

SHINWA AUCTION is the first business in Japan to hold consecutive auctions for liquidating artworks in which the general public can participate freely, and has worked hard to breathe new life into artwork trading, an industry previously thought to be unpredictable in terms of business practices and price formation. Based on the corporate philosophy, “Creating and Expanding a Fair and Reliable Auction Market,” the Company has carried out reforms relating to the way in which items pass from seller to buyer, and as a result, currently occupies an overwhelming share of all successful bids placed within the artwork trading market. In other words, SHINWA AUCTION is leading the way as the number one open auction corporation in Japan.

The Japanese auction market has experienced much growth and is expected to expand rapidly in the future, and in order to support this, we must educate consumers so that they are able to determine the value of artworks on their own, without having prices imposed on them. In preparation for this type of market expansion, SHINWA AUCTION has not just taken a modern approach to corporate management, but has also thoroughly invested the development of a fair and reliable auction market from the perspective of its customers. All of the SHINWA AUCTION’s staff understand the importance of retaining a reputation as an auction house that only handles the very best quality and finest works of art, and the Company has increased its brand status within the industry. By utilizing our know-how and experience in artworks to enter into new auction areas, such as European decorative art, contemporary art, wine, jewelry, and watches, we have established a most solid business portfolio.

We have held many serious discussions and debates about the creation of a market for liquidating high-quality items, a market much needed in Japan, and the establishment of a new distribution infrastructure within that market. Of course, controversy still surrounds some issues, but in the end, we must arrive at a conclusion and proceed together as a company. This way of thinking forms the cornerstone for SHINWA AUCTION’s operations. We ask for your continued understanding and support.

Hajime Baba
Representative Director and President

Company Policies

Creating and Expanding a Fair and Reliable Auction Market

Providing Trustworthy Operation for Both Sellers and Buyers

Fostering the Appreciation of Aesthetics as Enriching to Life 

Company Information

Company NameSHINWA AUCTION Co., Ltd.
SHINWA AUCTION is a group company of SHINWA WISE Holdings.
Capital stock50 million yen
Office AddressGinza Medical Bldg.,7-4-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0061 JAPAN
Tel : +81 (0)3-3569-0030
FAX : +81 (0)3-3569-0023
Executive ChairmanYoichiro KURATA
President Hajime BABA
DirectorTakashi IZUMIYAMA
DirectorTetsuro INUMARU
DirectorNamiko OKAZAKI
AuditorKosei KOBAYASHI
Company banksMizuho Bank,
MUFG Bank, Ltd.


1987 AUGLaunched "Shinwa-kai" art dealers' market.
1989 JUNEstablished "Shinwa-kai Co., Ltd."with paid-in capital of 100 million yen.
1990 MARMoved the headquarters to 8-5-4 Ginza Chuo-ku
1990 JULAcquired antiquary's permission
1990 SEPHeld first "Shinwa Art Auction".
1991 JUNChanged company named to "Shinwa Art Auction Co., Ltd.".
1992 MAYPaid-in capital increased to 300 million yen.
1996 SEPHeld first "Modern Ceramic Auction". Paid in capital increased to 360 million yen.
1997 APRHeld first "Japanese tea utensils Auction".
1999 JUNHeld first "Modern Pictures, Lithographs and Craftwork Auction (Now it's called Modern Art ParttII Auction)".
2000 JUNSeparated "Shinwa-kai" art dealers' market from "Shinwa Art Auction Co., Ltd."
2000 JUNMoved the headquarters to 4-2-15 Ginza Chuo-ku
2000 AUGPaid-in capital increased to 380 million yen.
2000 DECKISHIDA, Ryusei "Reiko portrait" was made a successful bid for 360 million yen at the 40th Modern Art Auction.
2001 MARHeld first "Wine Auction".
2001 DECPaid-in capital increased to 435 million yen.
2002 MAYHeld first "Jewellery Auction" at "Modern Art PartⅡ Auction".
2002 JULHeld Charity Auction, 50th "Modern Art Auction".
2003 FEBHeld "Shinwa Art Auction NAKAGAWA, Kazumasa Collection", and Vincent van Gogh "Farmerette" was made a successful bid for 66 million yen.
2003 MAYHeld "Jewellery&Watch Auction".
2003 JULHeld "Antique Special Auction".
2003 DECHeld "Western Antique Auction"
2003 DECMoved the headquarters to 7-4-12 Ginza Chuo-ku
2004 JUNOpened Shinwa Art Museum in the headquarters' building
2004 APRConcluded business tie-up concerning the private banking business with Resona Bank.
2005 APRPaid-in capital increased to 735 million yen.
2005 APRListed in the Osaka Stock Exchange
2005 SEPOpened Osaka branch.
2005 DECPaid-in capital increased to 760 million yen
2006 MAY Held first "Contemporary Art Auction".